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Service (International Research Service)

Support Service For Starting Overseas Operations

1. Purpose

Many small enterprises which had done business only in Japan until recently now consider starting overseas operations. Even many of companies which already have overseas operations are considering expansion into new overseas territories. They expect more growth and potential high return in overseas market, but they also should be aware of much greater risk of overseas market than that of domestic market.

We can provide support services for the whole phases of starting overseas operations, for example, due diligence regarding selecting location (which country), support of establishing a company, supporting negotiations with government authorities and potential local business partners.

2. Example of our service

  • Due diligence regarding which country to set up
  • Assist to produce financial forecast of the new business
  • Support or act as an agent to negotiate with appropriate counter-parties such as governmental regulatory authorities, potential business partners etc.
  • Assist or act as an agent on filing procedures for establishing an entity in a new country


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