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Service (Transfer Pricing & International Tax Consulting)

Transfer Pricing Consulting:
Risk Assessment

This service first analyzes the whole related-party transactions and assesses group-wide potential transfer pricing adjustment risk, then suggests the future measures to minimize the risk effectively.

Main contents of service

  • Functional analysis
  • Benchmark analysis: computation of potential tax exposure
  • Proposal for future measures to minimize risks
  • Draft report containing above-mentioned works

When is the Risk Assessment service particularly effective?

  • When your company cannot understand about "do we have a substantial transfer pricing risk or not?", or "how much is the risk, if any?" due to the fact that your company has not experienced any transfer pricing tax examinations.
  • When your company wants to identify its current transfer pricing exposure to subsequently set appropriate pricing policy and take adequate risk management measures.
  • When your company would like to identify about which group companies own non-routine intangibles, under the circumstance that intangible transactions are subject to high taxation risk.

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